God has a purpose for each of us.
We believe in a four step approach  for  people to achieve this purpose and live an abundant life in Christ.
Hosanna offers many opportunities where you can connect. You can join with one of our many LifeGroups or serve in one or more Ministries. We believe that building personal relationships with other like-minded individuals, and enjoying regular fellowship with them, is an important first step with your walk with Christ.
We believe that spiritual growth in a Christian  happens best  in small group settings. As you develop friendships and relationships with fellow Christians, you will begin to open up more of yourself and consequently more personal questions and issues concerning your walk with Christ will get discussed, prayed for, and guidance offered that inevitably leads to growth
We believe that everyone has a role to play here at Hosanna. God has given you time, talents and abilities that He wants you to use  in service of your church and others. Hosanna offers many opportunities to find your role. Whether it's teaching, singing, operating a TV camera, cutting the grass, cleaning the sanctuary ... all jobs are important and are appreciated equally. Wherever you volunteer, you are becoming God's hands and feet, and are displaying Christian maturity.
As your walk with Christ strengthens, your influence with others grows, and you will find yourself in a position where you will be discipling others. We will partner with you every step of the way to lead others to the saving knowledge of Christ, which is ultimately God's plan and purpose for you.
Lost people matter to God, and should matter to us.
Luke 5:30;
Luke 15;  Matt 18:14
Christ's Followers should be authentic and seek continuous growth.
Eph 4:25-26, 32;
Heb 12:1; Phil 1:6
Full devotion to Christ is normal for every believer.
1 Kings 11:4;
Phil 2:1-11;   2 Cor 8:7
Life-change happens best in small groups.
Luke 6:12-13;
Acts 2:44-47
Anointed teaching can transform
an individual's life

Romans 12:7;
2 Tim 3:16-17;
James 1:23-25
We Believe . . .
. . . In one God, who exists in three persons - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is loving, holy, and just.

. . . That the Bible is God's Word. It is inspired and accurate. It is our perfect guide in all matters of life.

. . . That sin has separated us all from God, and that only through Jesus Christ can we be reconciled back to God.

. . . That Jesus Christ is both God and Man. He was convieved by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. He led a sinless life, took all our sins upon Himself, died, and rose again. Today, He is seated at the right hand of the Father as our High Priest and Mediator.

. . . That salvation is the gift of God to man. This gift is effected by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and it produces works pleasing to God.

. . . That water baptism is a symbol of the cleansing power of God and a testimony of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

. . . That the Holy Spirit is our Comforter. He guides us in all areas of our lives. He also blesses us with spiritual gifts and empowers us to yield fruits of the spirit.

. . . That the Holy Communion is a celebration of Jesus' death and rememberance of Him.

. . . That God wants to transform, heal, and prosper us so that we can lived blessed and victorious lives that will impact and help others.

. . . That we are called to preach the gospel to all nations.
Co-Pastor Rayford and
Geraldine Ables
Senior Pastor Damon and
Brandie Plummer
Hillari Cobb ... Youth Pastor
Brandie Plummer . . .
Children's Church Administrator
Lila Barthold   . . . 
Children's Church Administrator
Melanie Beard . . . Music Director &
Worship Team Leader
Ken Barthold . . . Media Ministry Director
Jessica Moore . . . Church Secretary
Kolby Ganaway ... Assoc. Pastor
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